"If your pups are particular about their groomer, and if you are looking for years of expertise to pamper your ♥, Pups 'N Suds is where you'd want to be!"
Mikayla L. | April 6, 2013 (as seen on facebook)

Best Service

"Fabulous service! I recommend them 100%!"
Robert Z. | April 6, 2013 (as seen on facebook)

Karen JaremilloFive Stars

"The Owners are animal lovers and treat your pet(s) as their own children. Nothing better to have care for your loved pet as another person who treats them as their own."
Karen J. | April 23, 2013 (as seen on yp.com)


"Charlotte and Jason are a wonderful team. They are super nice, their prices are unbeatable and they did such an awesome job on my dogs. Thank you sooo much, I will be your customer for life."
Bia S. | May 24, 2013 (as seen on igoogle)

Good Experience

"I recently took my dog there to be groomed, first time there. Was very impressed with the people that run this. Happy about the length of time it took and very happy about the great job they did with the grooming. Reasonable rates, I will definitely be bringing her back for future grooming."
Janice W. | June 26, 2013 (direct message sent via email)

Thank You

Launa B. | August 9, 2013 (sent in the mail)

Super Team

"I have been very dissatisfied with the dog groomers I have been to in Cape Coral. Yesterday I decided to check Google for a new one and am I ever glad I did because I found Pups 'N Suds. I had a 9 AM appointment today and went right in at 9. Our dog is a very furry Long Haired German Shepherd and it is difficult to get her thick fur dry. I cannot tell you how many times I have picked her up at a groomers and she is still wet - not here! Charlotte and Jason have an area (not a cage!!) where your dog waits to be taken for a bath. You can really tell they are animal lovers and treat your animal with the compassion our fur babies deserve. I was called after 2 and a half hours and I went to pick her up. I can honestly say that this big furry girl was so beautiful I firmly believe that she just had the best grooming she has EVER had. Her nails were beautifully trimmed and her black coat was shining. She usually can't wait to get out the door but today she was relaxed and laid down at Jason's feet in the waiting area. I know when my dog has been treated well. I am looking forward to their daycare and cage-less boarding facilities where the animals will be supervised 24 hours a day. I will definitely return and I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the unsurpassed service you and your pet will enjoy. Try them - you will love the experience!"
Evelyn M. | June 27, 2013 (as seen on Angie's List)

Great Service

"First time I used their service and I'm very happy, I'm going back again. I will recommend them!"
Darling C. | June 28, 2013 (as seen on facebook)

Best Staff

"Charlotte and Jason are fantastic. When you need some TLC for your four-legged friend, do not look any further. You won't find a better and more caring place anywhere in the Cape for the best price ever. Not only will they make your pooch look absolutely stunning but they will also board and take care of your babies like if they where their own. Thank you so much for your great service!!!!! BShore!!"
Bia S. | June 28, 2013 (as seen on yp.com)

Thank you!

"Pups 'N Suds took great care with my cat - Tomcat!! Their prices are so reasonable and they're fantastic people to trust your 4-legged family member to. Will be back very soon!! Thanks for all you do!! :-) "
Colleen R. | July 13, 2013 (as seen on facebook)

Best Service

"Best pet grooming around! Thank you for taking such good care of my little Sophie! "
Angela R. | August 2, 2013 (as seen on facebook)

Five Stars

"Very pleased with the service and was able to not worry on our vacation. I would recommend Pups 'N Suds for boarding and grooming to everyone. Thanks again for taking such good care of Nicky and us."
Lana U. | August 19, 2013 (as seen on facebook)

Awesome Service

"Jason and Charlotte at Pups 'N Suds are the best! They have looked after Snoopy and Aliyah for us when we last had to go overseas and our now caring for them again until the airlines allow our two dogs to fly and be with us in the Philippines, hopefully soon! We know they are well taken care of while away from us. If you ever need someone to take care of your 4-legged family members you should consider no one else. Pups 'N Suds is the only service to use. "
Amit D. | August 24, 2013 (as seen on facebook)

Great Service

"Compassionate caring of animals and people. Recommend to anyone looking for a grooming service.. "
Angelica M. | March 26, 2016 (as seen on yelp in their "Not Recommended" section)

They are the best.!

"We have been taking our 2 dogs to Jason and Charlotte for almost 2 years, even before they opened Pups 'N Suds. They are the best, not only at what they do, but also as people. Our dogs love going to see them and they always look amazing after being groomed at Pups 'N Suds. We trust them absolutely and know they will take good care of our girls!. "
Theresa C. | October 20, 2014 (as seen on yelp in their "Not Recommended" section)

By far the best in the business!

"You can just tell they are no phonies! No attitudes, no extreme pricing, NO RAZOR BURN,. I just moved from California and decided to give them a try. Glad I did. My Shih-tzu came back with the best haircut he has ever had. He still looks so cute. His beard doesn't get in the food anymore and he still smells sooooo good. Could not be happier. I feel sorry for those who have to always find something to complain about. If you don't understand grooming takes a long time and your dog/cat is not the only one they have to do, then I suggest you do it yourself. The people who I have read complaints from are obviously the kind of people who nobody wants as a friend because they would be the kind to stab you in the back no matter what. I have to deal with those types too and they are sickening!. "
Karen M. | October 15, 2014 (as seen on yelp in their "Not Recommended" section)

Great Service

"I have being bringing my 2 yorkies to pups n suds for over a year. Each time it has been a very good experience. Jason & Charlotte are both kind, considerate, professional people. The phone call from them is so you do not have to wait for your pet, it is a convience to customers. I think most customers appreciate this, because I know I do. I happened to be at Pups n Suds the day Melissa West claimed she had a problem. I saw Charlotte's finger. Neither Jason nor Charlotte are abusive! Maybe Melissa West children were in shock because of her and the scene she caused. It is very unfair to accuse 2 fine people who work very hard of being abusive when that is not in their character. There are many great reviews that is why I started going to Pups n Suds!!!! There are just some people who can not be pleased.. They like being a problem and causing friction and I am sure that Jason and Charlotte did NOT abuse anyone. I am a happy customer and so are Casey & Lucie. Thank you Pups n Suds for all your great work.. "
Carol M. | August 12, 2014 (as seen on yelp in their "Not Recommended" section)

I loved this place!

"I have tried so many groomers in the Cape and they are by far the best! They were friendly, knowledgeable, kind and caring. The environment was clean and calm. I highly recommend them for grooming and boarding! Really nice owners!. "
Cindy K. | November 26, 2013 (as seen on yelp in their "Not Recommended" section)

Very Happy!


Valerie M. | April 13, 2016 (sent to voicemail)
There is a very inaccurate review floating around on google, yelp, etc... that deserves a response that these sites seem to have differing policies on how reviews are posted so this needs to be said here. First I will show what she posted and then what the truth is. Anybody that knows us knows that the type of garbage this woman posted is absolutely fabricated and frivolous.


July 11, 2014
BEWARE!!! DO NOT BRING YOUR PETS HERE!! I was just VERBALLY ABUSED by the owner/main groomer (Charlotte) right in front of my children! She was screaming & cursing acting completely irrational because I showed up to pick up my dogs at 3pm which was the time I WAS TOLD they'd be finished, but I hadn't received "the call" from them saying they were done, so because I was questioning Jason (also the owner & apparently her husband) about why they weren't ready (5 HOURS after their appt.) She went absolutely BALISTIC!! I ended up leaving with one of my dogs half done & the other still wet! I seriously can't believe what just happened & all in front of my 8 & 10 yr. old who were in shock at what they were seeing! WOW! SO unprofessional! What is sad is that I have been bringing my two small dogs to Pups N' Suds here in Cape Coral for almost a year, & up until now I was generally pleased with the place other than having to wait over an hour on one occasion. So needless to say I am completely appalled after what happened today. This was unacceptable behavior. I have never been so disrespected & treated so poorly in my life! This woman is very unstable & if she's willing to act this way to her loyal, paying (&tipping!) customers, I would hate to see how she conducts herself when nobody is looking! I seriously feel sick for ever trusting these people with my dogs.....TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! - Melissa West


Melissa West failed to add that her dog bit the groomer first thing in the morning while simply trying to get him out of the kennel. Melissa was told very politely on the phone when she first called what happened and that Timothy and her other dog would be later than expected since her dog bit the groomer's right thumb down to the bone and she had to use that badly torn up thumb to hold the scissors. The bite also removed 1/3 of her finger nail.

    Melissa was given this information in a very calm and matter of fact way with no anger or hostility whatsoever and certainly no threat of a lawsuit or anything whatsoever except the lost time would make her dogs be later than expected being ready. She was told it would be closer to 4 o'clock because the groomer now had to go slower and the other dogs that came in needed to be done as well but she would still receive a call her when her dogs were done. The groomer continued working on Melissa West's dogs when she could have just told the woman to come and pick them up immediately but the groomer knew Timmy was just scared and didn't want him to end up at another groomer that might not be so understanding with him. But either way, the groomer needed to finish the other dogs because they couldn't justify making the other customer's dogs have to wait any longer since the bite at that point had caused all the dogs to be over an hour later than expected getting finished.

    At 3 o'clock Melissa just showed up. Timmy had everything except minor touch up drying left. Melissa was told again it would still be another hour since Margo needed her touch up cut and drying. There was another dog on the table who's owner was on the way and it was already and hour and a half after he was suppose to go out so the groomer needed to finish. Melissa didn't care about any of the other customers or their dogs and simply said, " But I don't understand why it is taking so long". Mind you this was already extremely politely explained to her on the phone, not to mention she arrived early yet again which she had done in the past.

    The groomer had to stop working on the dog on the table to explain the situation to Melissa West yet again and show her what Timmy had done to her thumb and how she could barely get the scissors over the bandage. During grooming one has to switch between the scissors and clippers often so that makes it very difficult not to mention the pain the groomer was in but Melissa wasn't concerned with that in the least. As a matter of fact Melissa never once apologized to the groomer even though the groomer told her they were not the kind to sue over a dog bite or report a dog for a bite. Instead of apologizing and being gracious and appreciative like all the other customers who we had to call to explain the delay, Melissa decided to play a game of pretending not to understand no matter how many different ways it was kindly and politely explained to her that the other dogs shouldn't have to wait any longer than they already had since they were ALL over an hour late at that point. Melissa instead pretended not to have a lick of common sense or (maybe she wasn't pretending) and proceeded to tie up even more of the groomer's time making it impossible to work on anyone's dog including her own because she was intent on getting her way which was to try to turn the tables on the people bending over backwards trying to help her and act like her dogs being late was the real and only problem.

    On top of that because the bite caused the groomer to run late, Melissa said she didn't want to PAY! So Melissa decided to instigate and provoke an argument which it appears she had intended to do from the get go before she even walked in the door. Imagine, now they are as busy as they can be, working as cautiously as possible to not rush too much and end up injuring a dog while the groomer is suffering from a major injury caused by Melissa West's dog and Melissa is in the lobby pretending not to understand why the other dogs shouldn't wait longer so hers can go out first so she doesn't have to make a special trip back out to pick up her two dogs. Melissa explained she had just picked up her kids from wherever they had been and so she didn't want to have to make a special trip out to pick up her dogs. Melissa felt her schedule needed to be accommodated and no one else mattered regardless of what had happened. One can only guess exactly what this woman's exact problem is but she came into their salon after they were gracious enough to continue working on her dog after he bit the groomer when they could have called Lee Animal Services and they could have raced to the hospital and racked up a huge hospital bill for the bite and presented it to Melissa.

    Obviously they did not and would not do that but apparently according to Melissa Lynn West and her husband Kevin Curtis West, Jr. of Cape Coral, Florida, their kindness deserves a spit in the face for trying to still help Melissa and Kevin get their dogs groomed. The salon owner and groomer feel bad for Timmy and Margo because they are sweet dogs, it's just Timothy get's scared and becomes defensive in the carrier. On top of bending over backwards to help Melissa, the groomer was also nice enough to give her the names of two other groomers in Cape Coral she would recommend if Melissa decided to go somewhere else.

    As for her claims of being verbally abuse, OMG! Believe me Melissa West was DEFINITELY the one being verbally abusive and the owner and groomer had to ask her to please quit screaming and carrying on the way she was in their salon not to mention in front of her own children. EVERYTHING that happened was 100% instigated by Melissa West. No one was even mad about the dog bite and still they still aren't mad at Timmy. As it turns out, Timothy is not the one who caused the real injury. Melissa walked out without paying and now is having another man other than her husband call the salon to harass and threaten the owner and groomer. Melissa's husband got the salon owner's cell phone number that same night when the owner called him back and apparently Melissa passed the cell phone number on to the other man who was to dumb to check the phone number for the shop before calling on the cell phone pretending to be a customer before he started screaming about Melissa!

    Melissa's husband had called the owner in hopes of getting the groomer fired! That was so classic and it gave the groomer a ton of satisfaction to let him know it wasn't going to do him any good to speak to the owner since she is the owner's wife. Everyone please notice Melissa didn't even mention the dog bite in her review or the non payment or the horrible things she said to the groomer on a very personal level after the groomer was being nothing but nice and polite to her. And talk about screaming, one of the salon neighbors heard Melissa carrying on and called the police. I also love how Melissa lied about the groomer using profanity. Melissa also knows that's a lie. Melissa is the one with the filthy mouth. But then again she's 31 years old so...................and obviously one very disturbed woman.

    Have you ever noticed it's always the one who instigates trouble and is at fault who lies and fails to mention the most important and pertinent facts?

You be the judge!

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