We've Gone Mobile!

Pups 'N Suds ~Mobile~ Pet Grooming of Cape Coral

is now our preferred and only means of providing quality and professional grooming services to you and your beloved furry family members.

In The Beginning

   We started our pet grooming journey in California in 1994. Back then we started in a small storefront located in a small strip mall next to a well known deli known as Honey Baked Ham. It was slow going for a while, customers trickled in here and there giving us the much needed chance to prove how much we cared for animals. All we had at that point was a washing sink, one homemade grooming table, a handheld Conair hair dryer, some grooming supplies, and a few kennel crates.

   After a few months, business started taking off. After hand delivering many many flyers, customers noticed us and gave us a chance. Before we knew it, or reputation for quality grooming, professional work ethic, and exceptional customer service, word of mouth had spread to the point where we could no longer take on more customers at that location. Within 5 months or so, we outgrew our location and had to relocate to a larger storefront on the opposite side of town.

Time to Relocate

   We found a great location on a major road in a strip mall with Subway, a veterinarian, 3 Day Blinds, and Pizza Hut. The foot traffic was amazing and helped to keep new customers coming in while contacting our customers from the other location to tell them where we moved to. Due to our exceptional reputation, the majority of our previous customers followed us to our new shop even though it was a good 20 minute drive in some cases.

   It didn't take long before it was time to seriously upgrade our facilities. We built out our shop in a very nice and easy flowing layout. We had the front waiting room with several seats for customers, television, soda machine, large front counter with a new cash register, a gift shop area with books, leashes, collars, and other specialty gift type items. The grooming area was close to 800sf as opposed to our other location being only about 400sf for the whole shop. We built in two full sized and elevated bath tubs with a large hot water heater, two new grooming stations with their own grooming tools and professional grooming hand dryers. We have never used cage dryers and never will. We also added an additional 12 cages in staging areas for incoming, grooming, and outgoing pets giving us a total of 22 cages total.

Our Competition

   Our new location was right smack dab in the middle of what we called "Pet Grooming Central". We not only had 3 small to medium sized grooming shops in the one square mile area we were in, we also had Petco located just 400 feet from our salon. Business was booming for us not only due to our reputation, but also because of the bad reputation the other places were displaying. Their problems ranged from very unsavory employees to reports of animal abuse and the dreaded cage dryer incidents. There were times where just knowing that we were in the company of such dispicable people calling themselves pet groomers that we were seriously considering leaving the business alltogether. After many years of serving our customers with the care they deserved, the unfortunate ailment of family members, and the sickening "wannabes" in the business, sadly we had to sell our salon and move to the east coast to help family for a short time.

Time to Relocate

Our Move to Florida

The 7th St. Location

The Move to the Pine Island Rd. Location

The Decision to Go Mobile



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