Dedicated to the innocent...
the beaten...
the tortured...
the forgotten.


lying in wait,
unable to feel the blessings yet to come.

Do you see it? Do you hear it?
Is it what you dream of?

Cries of pain and joy awaken,
sparks of life ignite,
your time has come... open your eyes.

What do you see? What do you hear?
What do you feel?

The chill of the air caresses your naked soul.
You make a sound..
you don't yet understand.
Sparkles of colored light dance in your eyes.

How does it feel? What do they mean?
Tell me what you see...
are you frightened?

Too many questions... so many answers...
What is truth? What is deception?

Who am I? Who are we?
What are we capable of?

Lessons of life shape clay,
creating what we are destined to become.

Is it set in stone? Can it be changed?
Are we supposed to die with no meaning?

Aging body, fading mind...
Were we right? Were we wrong?

Look back... do you see it?
Where have you been? What have you done?

fuzzy and fading,
nothing makes sense.

fading to darkness and back again.

The pleasures of God's gifts to behold....
pains inflicted,
man's selfishness...
clouding the sky with fire.

Can we fix it? Is it too late?
It's the depth perception of fractured hope.

Alone in darkness,
I see,
ambient light of angels....
echoing voices on silent wings.

Can you see them? Are they real?

Souls of those which come to save...
with wings of love,
and forgiveness.

Souls of those which come to punish...
tearing light from those...
who have anguished and pained.

Souls of the beaten, abused, and tortured...
take my hand,
lead me to tranquility.

What happened to it all? Was this meant to be?
What went wrong?

The mirror of life hovers before me...
painfully gazing into reflective eyes.

The angels of the hurt..., with tears in their eyes,
show me the pain...
the suffering...
the helplessness.

The angels of wrath, with fire in their eyes,
show me the wicked...
the evil...
the cruelty.

The angels of hope, with eyes of glitter,
show me the love,
the reunion,
the absolute... the eternal.

The mirror darkens and fades,
warmth and light replacing...
my soul glows,
my tail wags...
the pain is gone, memories of misery vanish.

As the eternal light...
from my tarnished soul,
I pray that it's not too late..

Do you hear us? Can you save us?

Can you stand before the mirror,
to face the truth..

behind my... Reflective Eyes?

© Copyright 2015 Cape Coral Pet Grooming | Cape Coral.