Appointments and Schedule (5)

What days of the week are you open?
 We are open from Monday to Saturday.
 Sunday and holidays are always closed as well as the last week of each month.
 Please note: During the week that we are closed, return calls won't take place until the end of that week so that we may enjoy our much needed time off with our dogs and working at home uninterrupted. Thank you for your understanding.
 For a closer look at the schedule, visit our calendar here.
What are your hours?
 We start at 10am and take our last appointment between 4pm & 5pm.
How far out are appointments available?
 Usually we can get to you within a week or so.
 Holidays and snowbird season tend to be up to 2 weeks before we can get to you.
When I call to schedule an appointment, how long will I have to wait for a response?
 Generally within 48 hours.
 Since we are mobile and there are only two of us it often takes us both to work on your pet in order to get him groomed safely, or we might be working on two dogs at the same time.
 We often get home late and have to take care of our pets and eat dinner before we can call customers back.
What is the preferred method of contact to schedule an appointment?
 We prefer that you call and leave us a message including your name, breed of pet, type of grooming you need, and area of Cape Coral you live in ie. NW, SW, NE, or SE. This way we can check our schedule to see when we will be in your area next and have pricing, date, and times available for you before we call back eliminating long phone times.
 Please DO NOT send text messages or emails to get appointments or to ask grooming questions. This takes more time to deal with on back and forth typing messages and we usually don't check those methods for several days.

Pricing & Payment (5)

What services do you offer & how much do they cost?
 We have several different options to fit your needs.
 Prices vary by service requested, size of pet, & difficulty involved either by matted coat or uncooperative pet.
 Please select the "Services" tab above for specific pricing.
 Alternately you can visit the "Breed Info & Pricing Database" for specific breed pricing.
Do you offer multi-pet discounts?
 We do but only at our descretion.
Do you accept checks for payment?
 Sorry, but no, we do not. We do however accept cash payments.
Do you accept credit or debit cards?
 Yes. We accept all 4 major cards... Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
 There are no additional charges to use your card.
 All qouted prices are the same for cash or card.
Do you accept EMV chip cards or contactless payments?
 Yes. We use Square for our processing which now utilizes both EMV & contactless technologies such as ApplePay, AndroidPay, & Samsung Pay.

Client Requirements (5)

Do we need our pet's shot records?
 No. We don't require shot records for your pet.
What if I have a biter or a bully breed?
 Although we do not sue or report bites since we consider bites to be occupational hazards, we do ask that you be honest with us as to whether your pet bites or not.
 We have our own safety measures on restraint and to keep your pet and us safe during grooming which is simply wrapping your pet in a towel if need be.
 If you have a muzzle, we will use it unless your pet tries clawing it off risking scratching his eyes in a panic.
Are there any breeds that you do not take?
 No. We try every dog on an individual basis. While one Pit-bull can bite and be mean, another can be sweet and only lick you to death.
 We will try every dog once and go from there. It is our discretion as to whether we will attempt a troublesome dog a second time.
What if I miss my appointment?
 You as the customer are responsible for keeping appointments in your calendar.
 It costs us gas to get to your home and we lose the entire timeslot on missed business.
 Therefore, if you are not there, we will wait no more than 5 - 10 minutes before we leave and you will not be rescheduled for a new appointment.
 Exceptions to this policy is in case of a real emergency, (not that you got called into work or you forgot). In this case, you must call us at least 1 hour before your appointment time so we can fill the slot with someone else.
If I can't be there at my appointment time, can I leave my pet in the back yard and payment in an envelope?
 No. An adult is required to be there at all times. We will not enter your fence or home to retrieve your pet or payment due to security issues of property and safety of your pet.

Tech Support & Customer Service (5)

How do I report a problem with the website?
I keep calling and don't get a response?
I have an issue with my credit card payment. What do I do?
Can I suggest an addition to the website?
How do I submit a review to the website?
There are several ways to do so....
 Email it to us.
 Yelp (though they tend to put good reviews in the "Not Recommended" category.
 From your Square reciept when you use a credit or debit card for payment and request a reciept.
 On our Facebook page.
 On Angie's List.
 All we ask is that you post an honest review. If you feel that there is a negative issue, please contact us first so we may find a peaceful resolution.

Mobile Grooming Q&A (5)

Do you need to connect to my electricity?
 No. We have an onbord generator and solar panels.
Do you need to connect to my water?
 No. We have a 65 gallon fresh water tank and a 65 gallon waste water tank.
Do you have to use my garage or bath tub?
 No. We have an enclosed trailer with a/c, full sized elevated bath tub, etc.
I have a special shampoo from the vet, can you use that instead?
 Absolutely. Although we use some of the best shampoos on the market, we are more than happy to use whatever shampoo you have for your pet.
Do you leave any kind of mess behind when you leave?
 No. We do all of the cutting, bathing, de-shedding, etc. in our enclosed trailer. We leave everything the way it was when we get there except for now having a clean and groomed pup to enjoy and get lots of kisses from.

Misc (5)



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